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  • From Understanding Physics of Sound to Learning Studio Acoustics and Studio Equipment's. Basic's of DAW (FL STUDIO)

    Ear Training, Music Theory, Arrangements Structures, Drum Loop Programing, Composition Composing.

  • Sem 2 gives an introduction to the World of Sound Designing in a the most basic to medium strength format, Also understating the Audio Recording Sections internal and External and Linking Controllers together. A look through from how an Oscillator works in generative segments with plugins including 3xosc and Sylenth Vst.

  • SEM 3 is where we push our students to finally start making music by guiding into learning about "Remix Theory", "Mashup Theory" and "Original Music Theory"

  • SEM 4 is all about Advance Sound Designing and learning various aspects of Designing a sound in more mature form. Introducing to Sampling re-sampling Types of synthesis FM, RM Synthesis and so on.

  • SEM 5 is the final realm of Music production where we teach and guide about Mixing and Mastering and Music Businnes and improtance of offline and Online Personality. 


This Course Structure is Designed for

Semi Serious music career seekers - Hobbyists - DJs - Career Oriented Music Creators - Experienced Producers - Music Enthusiastic - Talent Seekers

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