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Aditya Rathore

I came to J Studios, not sure of what to expect. But the guidance of Vikas Sir, has helped me a lot in growing as an artist. This Academy has provided great support during my time here, the knowledge we exchanged has drastically changed my perspective for music, and has helped a lot in my production skills. He literally pays attention to every single submission and tasks given to us.

He’s the one man faculty and has over a decade of experience, and frankly speaking from person to person, this is the best institute, if you’re seriously into learning and developing. 


A wise man once said, “You can only develop skills, talent will come later”, and it’s the mantra here. 


I highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking to stand out and set out a trend in the industry.

or in Vikas sir’s own words, “he believes in making producers of the future”.


-Aditya Rathore



I remember when I joined academy my vision or my aim was just to make bollywood remixes,or in case of originals the only genre i knew was house music.Before joining academy my perception towards music was very limited.

Because of Vikas sir i was able to explore and bring it out which was within me.

In j studios along with learning music i also learnt many other things like discipline, consistency and how to have faith in our team members and in ourselves.

For me J studio is more of a temple than an academy.

- Lalit Shinde



It's a True honor to have learnt from J Studios Academy ( Electronic Music School ) it was a great experience of my life to spend some memorable time with the academy under the guidance of Vikas J / Mr.jammer , The Best part of  academy Is you will get to access the depth of electronic music production .

I am proud to say that I learned my passion and art of music production, under the  best music producer in India . Before 4 years ago I was nothing (not even in music) while  learning I was the weakest student their, Sir literally paid lot of attention to get my art polished  ! He kept me going ,he kept me motivating .


Now it's 2019 I'm running my own Studio , working as Music Producer ! And I'm Happy In Life : )  a big thank you for making me whatever I'm today ,

Thanks to J Studios Academy ( The second Home ) 
Missing Being Their !

-Krishna Seth

V DJ.jpg


DJ Roxy Sir suggested me this academy, saying that the faculty here is great at training you in production. I took admission only to find out that, it's much more than just training, it's like undergoing army training, but the catch is that Vikas Sir, personally oversees every step of our progress.

There are lots and lots of submissions per topic and they keep good track of our progress,  and also have one-to-one sessions for any confusion/problem.


My major expectation was to make my own style of music. And i got to learn how to make any style, not just one.

You are trained to learn how to make music and sounds. Also, how to present them (Mix/Master).

Considering the teaching skills, the attention, and topics included in the course, it's also very affordable compared to others.


My tip would be to trust the faculty; every thing in the course is for a reason. And be very patient as you are learning, there are no shortcuts in this industry. :)

So glad to be a part of it.


- Vishal Bhosale


I don’t know where I was in Music theory but I decided that I will learn music theory clearly.

So I choose a short 7 days 'Music Theory Crash Course' which is conducted by J Studio Academy by Vikas Sir know as (MR JAMMER)

He personally taught the Topic and all the skills & Technics needed to know as begginer towards music theroy

and that has helped in a lot of things in producing music
Now I can make Melody, Chords, Basslines, compositions etc.

My personal suggestion to everyone you should conduct this crash course, you are looking to start up in producing music.

- Shion Ray

Music Equipments


I've wasted hours/money finding the right course that teaches me how to make music. I've recently started this course and will say that it is absolutely worth the money.


Vikas sir comes up with an intuitive example to teach the basics and unlike other "gurus" out there he never rushes it. Not only that, he becomes like a personal coach and doesn't stop until I learn the concept which I think is a trait of every good teacher.


I am a programmer by profession with an interest in music, I was about to give up that this is not the right fit for me but then Vikas sir's guidance and constant support helped me.


This course is worth every single penny and I highly recommend him.

- Gurkirat Singh

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