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Effective March 2014
1. Code of Conduct:
a. Students must maintain a professional and respectful demeanour towards instructors, staff, and fellow students.
b. Disruptive behaviour, including but not limited to excessive noise, use of profanity, or disrespectful comments, will result in disciplinary action.

 2. Confidentiality:
a. Students must keep all confidential information shared by the Academy, instructors, or fellow students confidential. b. Sharing or distributing confidential information without proper authorization will lead to immediate termination of admission.

3. Prohibited Substances:
a. The use, possession, or distribution of illegal substances or alcohol within the Academy premises is strictly prohibited.
b. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of admission.

4. Mobile Devices and Electronics:
a. Mobile devices must be on silent mode during class sessions and should not disrupt the learning environment.
b. Students should refrain from excessive use of personal electronic devices during class hours unless required for learning purposes.

5. Studio Etiquette:
a. Students must adhere to studio etiquette, including proper handling and care of equipment and instruments.
b. Any intentional damage or misuse of studio equipment will result in disciplinary action and may incur financial liabilities.

6. Dress Code for Studio Sessions:
a. Students must follow the prescribed dress code for studio sessions, which may include wearing closed-toe shoes and appropriate attire for physical movement.

7. Intellectual Property:
a. Students acknowledge that all course materials, curriculum, and intellectual property provided by the Academy are for personal educational use only.
b. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or commercial use of these materials is strictly prohibited.

8. Use of Recording Equipment:
a. Students must obtain proper authorization and adhere to copyright laws and licensing agreements when using recording equipment or software provided by the Academy.

9. Communication Channels:
a. Students are required to use the designated communication channels provided by the Academy for official correspondence and interactions with instructors and staff.

10. Dismissal from Class:
a. Instructors reserve the right to dismiss any student from a class session for repeated disruption, failure to adhere to instructions, or disrespectful behavior.

11. Academic Integrity:
a. Students are expected to maintain high standards of academic integrity, including proper citation and acknowledgment of external sources in their assignments and projects.

12. Health and Safety:
a. Students must adhere to health and safety guidelines provided by the Academy, including proper usage of equipment, practicing good hygiene, and following safety protocols.

13. Non-Disclosure Agreement:
a. Students may be required to sign a separate non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for specific projects or collaborations during the course.
b. Violation of the NDA will result in strict legal action and termination of admission.

14. Photography and Videography:
a. Students must obtain prior permission from the Academy for any photography or videography within the premises. b. Sharing or posting such content without consent is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.

15. Social Media Usage:
a. Students should exercise caution and professionalism when posting or sharing content related to the Academy on social media platforms.
b. Disparaging or inappropriate remarks about the Academy, instructors, or fellow students may lead to disciplinary action.

16. Ethical Behaviour:
a. Students are expected to uphold ethical behaviour and integrity in all aspects of their learning journey, including interactions with fellow students, instructors, and industry professionals.

Non-Transferability of Admission:
a. Admission to the Music Production Learning Academy is non-transferable, and students cannot transfer their enrolment or course benefits to any other individual.

Remedial Measures:
a. In cases where a student's performance is unsatisfactory, the Academy may impose remedial measures, such as additional assignments, mentoring, or supplementary classes.

17. Termination of Benefits:
a. The Academy reserves the right to revoke any future benefits or opportunities offered to students if they engage in activities that reflect negatively on the Academy or breach any of these terms and conditions.

Governing Law:
a. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Academy is located.

18. Learning Pace and Teacher's Adaptations:
a. The teacher retains the professional autonomy to customize the learning pace for each student, taking into consideration their individual learning capabilities, cognitive aptitude, and progress within the course.
b. The teacher may recommend supplementary practice or re-submissions of assignments to facilitate a thorough comprehension and mastery of the course material.
c. Non-compliance with re-submission prerequisites or inadequate practice, which results in unsatisfactory progress, could potentially necessitate the student to revisit the entire course curriculum.
d. It is vital for students to conscientiously adhere to the teacher's instructions and consistently engage with the course content to achieve successful attainment.

19. Alteration of Course Duration due to Submissions, Missing submissions or Protest to non Re-Submissions:
a. The Music Production Learning Academy, inclusive of its designated instructors, reserves the unequivocal right to adjust the duration of the course curriculum when confronted with instances of delayed, incomplete, or non-submissions of assignments by individual students or multiple students.
b. This alteration is deemed necessary to maintain the course's structural integrity, minimize disruptions, and ensure that the overall learning pace remains consistent and synchronized across all participating students.
c. Extended course durations arising from instances of non-compliance with submission deadlines, non-re-submissions, or collective objections to re-submission procedures can have a cascading effect, impinging upon the momentum and planned schedules of the course for all students involved.
d. Such unforeseen shifts also jeopardize the Academy's internal submission evaluation timelines, creating complexities in aligning assessments and evaluations across various batches.

e. It is unequivocally emphasized that the Academy holds no responsibility for external commitments, personal schedules, familial obligations, vacation arrangements, or any activities unrelated to the Academy's curriculum, regardless of their nature or significance.

f. External circumstances, including but not limited to personal work engagements, family commitments, or vacation plans, shall not be deemed valid grounds for the alteration of the Academy's course schedules or curriculum timelines. The Academy's academic structure is meticulously devised to accommodate the diverse needs of all students within the established framework.

g. In exceptional cases where a student may seek accommodation based on individual constraints, it falls within the discretionary purview of the instructor to evaluate such requests on a case-by-case basis. However, any leniency granted by the instructor is contingent upon the student's commitment to respectful adherence to the Academy's directives.

h. It is imperative to underscore that any relaxation granted is subject to immediate retraction in the event of non-compliance or disrespect towards the instructor's decisions, ultimately reverting the student's obligations to the original course framework.

20. Continuous Evaluation:
a. The instructor possesses the prerogative to conduct spontaneous assessments or examinations pertaining to completed topics, aiming to evaluate the extent of students' assimilation and regular practice.
b. These evaluations serve the purpose of sustaining the students' cognitive advancement and identifying any potential gaps in their learning trajectory.
c. Students who exhibit sporadic practice habits and fail to meet the expected performance levels during these evaluations may face disciplinary consequences, including the prospect of retaking the course either from the point of deficiency or from its commencement.

It is imperative to underscore that the educational engagement offered by the J STUDIOS ACADEMY (Music Production Learning Academy) transcends the conventional definition of a mere service. Education, as facilitated by the Academy, is unequivocally established as a structured, instructional course or program wherein participants are intrinsically bound to fulfill and execute the prescribed tasks, assignments, and requirements in exacting accordance with the unyielding parameters of the stringent rules, regulations, and terms and conditions set forth within this contractual agreement.

This educational undertaking mandates an elevated standard of commitment and performance, distinctly distinct from the conventional paradigms of a service transaction. Participants are held accountable to a meticulously curated curriculum, replete with exacting academic benchmarks and prerequisites, which enjoin their diligent and unwavering compliance with the rigorous rules and regulations that underpin the academic process.

Thus, participants are thereby firmly mandated to view their engagement with the Academy as an intricate and dynamic program of structured learning, commanding their unwavering dedication, adherence, and active participation in the prescribed academic pursuits, with the overarching directive of scrupulously adhering to the prescriptive framework of rules, regulations, and terms and conditions delineated within this legally binding contract.

By engaging in the Music Production Learning Academy, students affirm their understanding and acknowledgement of the instructor's prerogative in managing the learning pace, the significance of consistent practice and adherence to directives, and the conceivable ramifications for inadequate performance or insufficient dedication. This understanding is established as a fundamental condition of participation, reflecting the conscientious commitment of both the students and the Academy to the learning process.

21. Severability:
a. In the event that any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

22. Semester Exams, Final Exam and Post Course Benefits Agreement:-
General Terms: a. By participating in the Final exam or Semester Exams conducted by the Music Production Learning Academy, hereafter referred to as "the Academy," students acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions. b. These terms and conditions also apply to any future benefits or opportunities provided by the Academy after the completion of the course.

23. Strict 100% Submission Rules for Final Exam:
a. Students must ensure that all assignments, projects, and assessments related to the final exam are submitted in their entirety and within the specified deadlines. b. Failure to submit all required components or late submissions will result in disqualification from the final exam and forfeiture of any future benefits from the Academy.

24. No Future Benefits for Incomplete Submissions:
a. Students acknowledge that if their submissions for the final exam are not 100% complete and satisfactory, they will not be eligible for any future benefits, including job placements, internships, or additional resources provided by the Academy. b. The Academy reserves the right to determine the completeness and quality of submissions at its sole discretion.

25. Non-Compete Agreement:
a. Students who successfully complete the course and pass the final exam are bound by a non-compete agreement. They agree not to engage in teaching, offering, or providing similar courses or related content outside the Academy for a period of two years from the date of passing the course. b. In the event that a student wishes to teach or provide similar services after the two-year period, they must obtain a legal No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Academy. Teaching or providing similar services without the NOC is strictly prohibited.

26. Legal Action for Unauthorized Teaching:
a. Any student found teaching, offering, or providing similar courses or related content outside the Academy before the completion of the two-year non-compete period will be subjected to legal action.
b. The Academy reserves the right to pursue legal remedies, which may include penalties, fines, or any other appropriate legal actions deemed necessary.

27. Legal Compliance:
a. Students acknowledge that these terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between themselves and the Academy.
b. By participating in the final exam and Semester Test exams, students affirm that they have read and understood these terms and agree to comply with them fully.

By participating in the final exam, students acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with these terms and conditions. They also understand that failure to adhere to these rules may result in disqualification from the final exam, forfeiture of future benefits, and legal consequences, including penalties and fines.

By initiating the process of enrollment or taking admission to the Music Production Learning Academy, whether in the current or any subsequent academic term, each individual unequivocally and irrevocably accepts, acknowledges, and consents to the unassailable and non-negotiable adherence to the stipulated terms and conditions outlined within this agreement.

Upon formal acceptance and execution of payment, encompassing all forms of financial transactions, including but not limited to cash payments, electronic fund transfers, mobile wallet transfers, and Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transactions, wherein an official invoice is generated, the student expressly, unequivocally, and voluntarily assumes the responsibilities, liabilities, and obligations set forth within these terms and conditions.

Any potential divergence from or objection to these terms and conditions is categorically rendered null and void, as the student's decision to proceed with the enrollment process signifies the conscious and deliberate waiver of any right to question, challenge, or contest the applicability, validity, or enforceability of the terms and conditions.

The act of enrollment and the subsequent payment of fees, regardless of the method or medium employed, symbolize a legally binding contract of acceptance, whereby the student consents to unreserved compliance with the terms and conditions as a fundamental prerequisite for participation in the Music Production Learning Academy. It is distinctly established that no assertion of ignorance, misunderstanding, or disregard will be entertained, and all enrolled students are required to operate within the confines of this legally binding agreement.

Terms and Conditions
for Enrollment and Post Participation in the Music Production Learning Academy

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